Meaning of FUND in English

/ fʌnd; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ C ] an amount of money that has been saved or has been made available for a particular purpose :

a disaster relief fund

the company's pension fund

the International Monetary Fund


funds [ pl. ] money that is available to be spent :

government funds

The hospital is trying to raise funds for a new kidney machine.

The project has been cancelled because of lack of funds

I'm short of funds at the moment—can I pay you back next week?


[ sing. ] ~ of sth an amount or a supply of sth :

a fund of knowledge

■ verb

[ vn ] to provide money for sth, usually sth official :

a dance festival funded by the Arts Council

The museum is privately funded.

a government-funded programme



mid 17th cent.: from Latin fundus bottom, piece of landed property. The earliest sense was the bottom or lowest part , later foundation or basis ; the association with money has perhaps arisen from the idea of landed property being a source of wealth.

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