Meaning of FUND in English

I. ˈfənd noun

( -s )

Etymology: French & Latin; French fond bottom, innermost part, basis & French fonds stock or capital, piece of landed property, from Latin fundus bottom, piece of landed property — more at bottom

1. obsolete

a. : the lowest or innermost part : bottom

b. : basis 3

what may afford fund enough for ridicule — Joseph Butler

2. obsolete : font


a. : a quantity of material resources maintained or available as a source of supply

of a large fund of land and of a considerable reserve of labor seeking employment in agriculture — Peter Struve

b. : a supply of intangible resources (as of information, stories, wisdom, goodwill)

4. : an appropriation (as of permanent revenue) or a deposit or collection of money or its equivalent used as a resource or security:

a. : a sum of money or other resources the principal or interest of which is set apart for a specific objective or activity

a fund for retirement of bonds

a campaign fund

specifically : a reserve or accumulation set up by a self-insurer or some public body (as the federal or a state government) for the assumption of certain risks

b. : money on deposit which is held at a specified place and on which checks or drafts can be drawn — usually used in plural

prefers payment from foreign concerns in New York funds

c. : stock , capital

the fund of a bank

d. funds plural : the stock of the British national debt — called also public funds ; usually used with the

the holdings of these men in the funds — W.O.Aydelotte

5. funds plural : available pecuniary resources ordinarily including cash and negotiable paper that can be converted to cash at any time without loss

will be in funds again after payday

6. : an organization administering a special fund

the International Monetary Fund … conferred with its members — Britannica Book of the Year

II. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )


a. : to provide and appropriate a fund or permanent revenue to pay the interest of : make permanent provision of resources for discharging the interest or principal of

a pledge of customs revenue to fund government notes

fund employees' pensions

b. : to make provision for meeting (a recurrent future liability) by systematic accumulation of a fund

fund a pension plan

2. : to place in a fund : store up : accumulate

a background of … funded notions of the beautiful — F.J.Mather

3. : to convert (a floating or short-time debt or a number of different debts) into a debt that is payable either at a distant date usually with an option to the debtor to redeem after a certain time or at no definite date and that bears a fixed interest

4. : to invest (money) in the British public funds

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