Meaning of FUND in English

I. noun


a funding council (= for giving money to projects, organizations etc )

a further education funding council

be funded by a grant

The expansion of the computer department was funded by a government grant.

be funded by donations (= receive the money that is needed from donations )

We are a charity entirely funded by voluntary donations.

be short of money/cash/funds

Our libraries are short of funds.

campaign funds/money

He was found guilty of using campaign funds illegally.

discretionary award/grant/fund etc

electronic funds transfer

fund a study (= pay for it )

The study was funded by a major US drugs company.

hedge fund

International Monetary Fund

investment funds

The city is in a good position to attract new investment funds.

mutual fund

pension fund

raise money/funds for charity

A huge amount is raised for charity by the festival.

raising funds

They are raising funds to help needy youngsters.

sinking fund

slush fund

social fund

surplus cash/funds/revenues

Surplus cash can be invested.

trust fund




The United States has forbidden the use of federal funds for human cloning research.

The Fed lowered the key federal funds rate on overnight bank loans twice last year, in July and December.

In all, $ 2.2 million in federal funds was illegally diverted by those convicted, prosecutors said.

That would have allowed them to collect nearly $ 2 in federal funds for each local dollar.

Her campaign has qualified for more than US$1 million in federal matching funds , surpassing Jerry Brown's.

The two of them reversed Indianapolis' long-standing tradition of not taking federal funds , including money for school breakfasts.

Bond yields are above the federal funds rate of 8.25%.

Third, as you are doing your taxes, be sure to check the box requesting your contributions to federal campaign funds .


It has been suggested that in such cases, the offender's benefit should be channelled to a general victim compensation fund .

Most cities spend a fortune on their fire departments-often 20 percent of their entire general fund .

When funding for schools and higher education are combined, education accounts for 55 percent of the state general fund.

Repaying the general fund is paramount, officials said.

Much of the remaining $ 52. 7 billion general fund also is on autopilot.

Higher education accounts for about 13 percent of general fund expenditures.

The report listed numerous threats to the general fund but did not affix dollar amounts to possible losses.

From 1991 through 1994, state general fund support fell from $ 373 million to $ 301 million.


Many investors struggle to get past the comfort zone of mutual funds .

Sure, you will boost performance if you manage to pick a few hot stocks or some superstar mutual funds .

Good news for mutual funds is starting to seem old hat.

Fidelity is expected to release its monthly mutual fund guide tomorrow.

Was the $ 1. 2 trillion in mutual fund retirement plans endangered by the market correction?

And mutual fund technology has blossomed, making it easy to shift from one fund to another.

In this high, volatile stock market, do you worry about your mutual funds and the people who manage them?


Securing public funds made available for urban regeneration has been a key target.

It does not help a girl to be honorable to pay her with public funds to be the reverse.

He faced at least three other trials of misusing public funds and business fraud.

No wonder he is taking nearly $ 30 million in public funds to underwrite his second campaign.

Many became voluntary controlled, with more carefully circumscribed independence and total support from public funds .

He also wants to look at how public incentive funds should be provided to businesses.

The contract is the mechanism by which the Town Hall will monitor the administration of public funds through the privatisation process.

That plank also opposes the use of public funds for abortion and organizations that advocate abortion.


Cold Weather Payments are also made from the social fund .

Of all federal trust funds , only the Social Security trust fund is not included in the unified budget.

She has two children under five and has just £50 to spend as she is currently paying off a social fund loan.

The social fund has given extensive help to people in real need.

About 245,000 people receive community care grants through the social fund and one million get crisis loans.

The average social fund grant for furniture in 1990-1 was £377, excluding grants for washing machines.

In April 1988 supplementary benefit was replaced by income support and social fund payments.



This is not the situation involved in the way the Democrats collected campaign funds for the 1996 election.

Government officials are not allowed to raise campaign funds or otherwise engage in partisan political activity.

It is also barred by federal election law from advising PACs on how to distribute their campaign funds .

Gingrich has not decided whether to pay the financial penalty from personal or campaign funds , Maddox said.

Clinton said he could not remember whether he personally solicited campaign funds by telephone from the White House.

Some Democrats on Capitol Hill have joined in the call for an independent counsel to investigate campaign fund raising.

Because the excess of campaign fund raising, of winning at any cost, is eroding public faith in the entire system.

But some members preferred to celebrate with their own money, or use leftover campaign funds .


Although the under-18s can not trade shares themselves, adults can buy stakes in collective investment funds on their behalf.

Proponents argued that bonds represented the only source of investment funds for many small companies.

Buying an investment fund for a child demands the same consideration about risks and return as buying for an adult.

Even insider-trading accusations against brokerages and managers of investment funds haven't hurt stocks' appeal.

In a competitive environment, Bristol is already well-positioned to attract new investment funds .

Skills and knowledge, human capital, are created by the Same investment funds that create physical capital.

Under the country's voucher-privatisation system, the majority of the company's shares were acquired by seven big investment funds .

Laws on the marketing of investment funds date back to the mid-1980s and to a defunct regulator known as Lautro.


However, you do need to select a good fund management house, and to find suitable high-quality funds for your money.

Profits from client advisory services, which include funds management , fell to $ 13 million from $ 30 million.

Close also has a thriving fund management arm, which several bidders are thought to have looked at.

There are two local-foreign fund management joint ventures set up under the old rules.

Examples are fund management and corporate finance.

Custody differs from fund management , where assets are actively invested in stocks and bonds.

Already 70 major financial institutions and several multinational manufacturing companies have established fund management arms there.

So the fund management companies, not the mutual-fund shareholders, are paying for the ads, fund officials said.


Day-to-day running of the trust is carried out by specialist fund managers , often by merchant banks.

Companies that allow, or even encourage, their fund managers to speak to the press consider the publicity to have value.

Other fund managers are looking wise too.

Two fund managers first suspected irregularities comparing their portfolios during an off-duty chat.

Then there is the question of how much the divestment will release for fund managers to manage.

There were reports of strong demand from institutional fund managers and private clients, together with interest from overseas investors.


I telephone a woman at Central States, which is the big Teamster pension fund .

Why are employees treated as vassals by the pension funds ?

He would also have to liquidate his pension funds .

Your business can borrow money from your pension fund on normal commercial terms.

Between their hold on giant pension funds and their private wealth, they dominate political, economic, and social policy.

A spokesman for the people now running the pension fund says they will in time.

Public pension funds have experimented with such investments and have sustained huge losses.


They claim the expulsions were a cover-up bid after they tried to expose a slush fund run by crooked officials.

It also stated that Stans maintained a secret slush fund of cash in his office totaling at least $ 350, 000.

And it is this money which can be channelled, undetected, into the slush funds via foreign banks.


In consequence, the trust fund is accumulating surpluses.

The sum needed to cover the gap would gradually decrease each year as proceeds from parental trust funds phase into the system.

We have seen that this does not tend to include funds such as the superannuation fund and trust funds.

If everyone were required to convert their parental trust funds to annuities at retirement, this problem could be alleviated.

What we had was no trust fund .

The trust funds are reported only in the fund accounts.

The trust fund now collects money from 125 million workers to pay benefits to 43 million people.



The proposal, to help fund fisheries work, had been widely condemned by farmers and landowners.

Friends have helped out in fund raising.

Jane Fonda's Workout helped fund Hayden's political campaigns.

I also secured a special addition to the block to help fund improved water quality and sewage treatment standards.

Now Victim Support needs individuals and businesses to help fund their work in north Oxfordshire.

In the meantime, the Higher Education Funding Council needs to be persuaded to help fund it.

It's been named after rock star Steve Winwood, who helped raise funds for the centre.

Please help us raise funds now so our four-legged inmates can celebrate our centenary in 1992.


A further £265,000 will be invested in a fund to provide her with a tax-free, inflation-proof income for life.

I am 39, and like so many of the baby boomers, I have invested in mutual funds .

But some charities are prevented from investing all their funds in the ethical scheme.

The plaintiffs can not raid the $ 4. 3 million invested in his pension funds .

Landed proprietors generally did not much invest in the funds , although some individual peers had substantial holdings.

In comparison, just $ 22 billion was invested in mutual funds in 1990.

Both have the choice of investing their dollar funds in domestic or in external money markets.

To invest in local funds they must have a local partner with at least a 30 percent share.


Now that managed funds are doing somewhat better, will investors drift away from index funds?

They can be bought direct via a stockbroker, or via a managed fund set up for the purpose.

Over the last couple of decades, managing such funds has become a pretty well perfected science.

The size of the pension fund is a major determinant of the extent to which managed funds are used.

The library has managed to obtain the funds to hold the dinner at the library itself.

In such instances a managed currency fund or an umbrella fund offering a choice of separate currencies would be more appropriate.

There are equityincome funds that are a little growth and some growth and income funds that are managed like value funds.


Restructuring must coincide with the broader Community objectives, and Community funds must be matched by national funds.

All the 1996 presidential candidates except Forbes have accepted matching funds .

Presidential aspirants received matching campaign funds .

The Democratic National Committee, in its failed attempt to match Republican fund raising, went a little bananas.

With city matching funds , she had more than $ 33, 000 in her campaign warchest.

His campaign has nearly reached the $ 37 million limit allowed by federal law for primary candidates who accept federal matching funds .

Black said Gramm will reach the cap if he raises just $ 5 million more and gets additional matching funds .

Federal matching funds go directly to the candidates rather than to the parties.


The Disabled Persons Act 1986 enshrined the new principles, though without providing funds for the advocacy arrangements desired.

Senior citizens groups may also provide an untapped fund of skilled helpers.

Membership of the club was enforced to provide funds to improve the ramp.

Teachers have been trained and given two free periods a week to supervise the pupils with cover provided from a central fund .

The actress was found to be the settlor of the settlement because she had indirectly provided the funds of the settlement.


With the help of her midwifery manager, she raised funds from the hospital to print and collate the material.

Government officials are not allowed to raise campaign funds or otherwise engage in partisan political activity.

Taxes can be imposed either to raise funds for pollution control or to discourage over-use of nitrates, or both.

But the mood of the legislature had changed since his success at raising funds two years earlier.

Inability to raise the necessary funds or urgent local demands were the usual reasons for delinquency.

Ten brave folk did a bungee jump to raise funds for Comic Relief.

Tommy Boggs is said to have raised funds for more Democratic candidates than anyone in Washington.


The idea is that managers derive utility from spending the company's funds to an extent beyond that necessary for profit maximisation.

He supported keeping the California Academy of Sciences in the park and spending millions in public funds to rehabilitate it.

It is the Housing Executive's responsibility to determine how it spends the funds that the Government make available to it.

Hence the time-honored government rush to spend all funds by the end of the fiscal year.

Even the increase proposed will put pressure on Congress to hold down other spending or dip into funds earmarked for Social Security.

But when he started spending funds in the direction of improving the downtown business district, he became an inspiring city leader.


As an alternative you can also transfer funds directly from your FlexiLoan to your Current Account whenever you want.

The Contract also aims to dismantle the Department of Education and transfer its funds to families and local school boards.

The Society responded gracefully on 3 May, transferring its farriery fund and relevant papers to the College.

Please close the High Interest Business Account and transfer the funds to the current account.


A total of $5,800 in church funds has been used to provide assistance to local people.

All the money raised will be donated to the Cancer Research Fund .

He is on trial for accepting kickbacks from business moguls to build his slush fund .

If I'm successful in raising over £500, those funds will go to the Bible School.

New York's Inner City Scholarship Fund pays the college fees of students from poorer families.

Supporters have set up an appeal fund to help Peter fight the case.

Tell us, Gillian, how much do you have in the appeal fund now?

The event was held to raise funds to promote AIDS awareness among young gays.

The government agreed to create a fund to help develop rural areas.

The hand-sewn quilts will be sold at a Christmas Craft Fair to raise funds for the arts project.

The New Children's Shelter Fund received a grant of $80,000.

There's a special fund you can apply to, that pays for blind students to go to university.

They used this money to set up a fund for the refugees.


A considerable part of these funds was passed on as dinar loans to domestic enterprises.

Finally, we have noted that other constitutional provisions may provide an independent bar to the conditional grant of federal funds.

More than 100 offshore funds pay an income in sterling.

That is the private opportunity cost of the funds tied up in the project.

The big mutual fund suffered late last year from the same mistakes that hurt the hedge fund.

The event was to raise funds for the coordinated campaign of California Democrats.

The Government have given themselves a permanent contributions holiday by no longer making an Exchequer contribution to the national insurance fund .

The same is true, to some extent, with hedge funds.

II. verb




A federally funded study of educational performance contracts in twenty localities found that the results were universally disappointing.

The administration clearly preferred not to have any federally funded programs directly aimed at local economic development.

Approximately 15 people graduate from the federally funded San Diego Job Corps each week, and 15 replace them.

In unmistakable terms the Act prohibits the exclusion of-individuals from federally funded programs because of their race.


He also asked for a voluntary moratorium on embryo research that is privately funded .


States would have less money for large infrastructure projects such as grid extension or publicly funded large hydropower schemes.

The regents' vote accommodated real-estate developers who hoped to commandeer the publicly funded college for private profit.

Since the 1974 Housing Act many have been publicly funded .

The solution is to abolish drug patents and publicly fund medical research, thus entirely removing the profit consideration.



The purpose of this requirement was to ensure that the bill market was adequately funded .

Mr Clinton has signed appropriations bills funding seven cabinet agencies.

Called the Nursing Reinvestment Act, the bill would provide funding for education and mid-career training.


The partisan jockeying illustrates the difficulties inherent in investigations into campaign fund raising.

Clinton has raised nearly $ 30 million in campaign funds .

He has qualified for more than $ 30 million in federal campaign funds this year.

By virtue of his showing in 1992, Perot qualified for $ 29 million in Federal Election Commission campaign funds this year.

The Senate has been riven by partisan disputes over hearings into campaign funding irregularities at the Democratic National Committee.

Backed by a $ 172,689 campaign funded by the cemetery industry, the proposal sailed through with 68 percent of the vote.

Neither she nor the rally organizers knew how much campaign funding Wilson has received from HMOs and insurers.


One other authority has a joint budget with the health authority, funding a crossroads care attendant scheme and health care assistants.

The inadequacy of funding for child care and health coverage will manifest itself before long.

About 40,000 homes are sold each year to fund care home fees, which range from £350 to £1,200 a week.

To deal with illness, they fund health care services.

Of course those who can fund their own care will not have to be assessed before entry.


Ask about funding when contacting departments and check with a university careers service for information.

Government funding to Social service departments who pay 230-pounds for each resident each week will be cut substantially in April.

Wrangles over funding between the department and local authorities have blocked the scheme, claims the group.

This is especially difficult if their work is funded by a government department or agency.


Galileo development is initially being funded by vendors - under pressure to win new procurement contracts.

The neighborhood development program changed the funding of renewal projects from a reserve system to annual funding.

It also refers to some recent developments in funding public sector projects.


He supports parental notification and opposes government funding , but does not advocate a constitutional amendment banning abortion.

The incumbent is now off in hot pursuit of government funding for the much-enlarged interoperability lab, see above.

When governments fund programs or institutions directly, equity becomes difficult to enforce.

The company blames cuts in Government funding for its work into nuclear fusion for the job losses.

The meticulous investment of government funds . i 7.

The level of Government funding in any year determines the number of places which can be offered.

When governments fund individuals rather than institutions, it is much easier to promote equity.


Student Enterprise projects are also being funded , allowing groups of students to develop their own projects which develop these essential skills.

The Benham Group gets the money market and bond funds .

As funding for these groups has increased, funding for multilateral lending bodies has decreased.

The Progress and Freedom Foundation, another Gingrichrelated group financed with tax-deductible dollars, then picked up the funding .

The plans include changing the bill of rights, restoring police power to ban protests and restricting foreign funding of local groups .


Legislative leaders, who approved modest increases in college funding in the last few years, could not be reached Friday.

We do need significant increases in funding .

The governor also expects increases in funding for K-12 education to have a long-term positive effect on gang problems, Tremblay said.

Gordon said the last sweeping school reform in 1983 was accompanied by a $ 1 billion increase in funding for schools.


Streaming out of the shuttered pension funds .

The statement was submitted to the pension funds in the process of getting the loan.

The survey said one possible solution to the problem might be the use of city pension funds to create a loan program.

The Keating case also involved attorney Michael Manning, now the attorney for the pension funds that are Gov.

This was nowhere more apparent than in pension funds .


A portion of each sale goes to the Wright foundation, which funds conservation and education programs .

The way in which Gingrich and his assistants went about funding the program suggests a serious form of abuse.

The overall cutback in the funding of federal urban programs would require cities to look to state governments for aid.

We are looking to the city of Grand Forks to assist us in funding our transportation program .

When governments fund programs or institutions directly, equity becomes difficult to enforce.

The administration clearly preferred not to have any federally funded programs directly aimed at local economic development.

The Legislature authorizes and funds the program .

The Legislature authorized full funding of the program last year, and Gov.


The project was funded by the Alvey Programme as part of the Logic Programming initiative.

The Select Committee has taken an interest and has recognised that we have fully funded the programme that we set out.


The project was funded by the Alvey Programme as part of the Logic Programming initiative.

Of the 22 pilot projects funded so far, the vast majority are led by trade associations or industry groups.

This project will also be funded from World Bank loans.

Without that kind of support, these projects do not get funded .


The research was funded from a wide variety of sources.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a research group funded by automobile insurance companies.

On the research side of funding a multiplier is used.

Since 1994, research funding from such collaborations has grown from 4 percent of the drug development industry to 12 percent.

The belief will come from researching the media and their prospects but the research will not be funded without the belief.

Will it make research funding pour forth increasingly?

Somewhere in the middle of the conflicting forces Bush must decide whether stem cell research should get federal funding .

He also asked for a voluntary moratorium on embryo research that is privately funded .


The Inns have further developed their advocacy training and are organising and funding the scheme for all the pupils in their Inn.

Aside from the issue of funding beyond the enabling schemes , how were services in the catchment area working after the closure?

States would have less money for large infrastructure projects such as grid extension or publicly funded large hydropower schemes .

State funding for the scheme will come from commercial development of various sites in Bakurk y, Sirkeci and Bostanci.

A special condition will be required if the deposit is being funded by a guarantee scheme .


Opted-out schools are funded directly according to the number of pupils they attract.

Eastin estimated that the tax cut would reduce school funding by $ 680 million a year.

Many state schools would be funded by private firms.

The school funding proposed by Wilson this year is once again the minimum required by school funding.

Teenage refugees are sent to the Transit School , also funded from donations.

The school funding proposed by Wilson this year is once again the minimum required by school funding.

His veto message is significant because it makes it even harder for lawmakers to equalize school funding .

In fact, many public schools are funded by property taxes, making direct the connection between residential and education segregation.


Now regional health chiefs have decided against funding the service themselves.

To deal with illness, they fund health care services .

Government funding to Social service departments who pay 230-pounds for each resident each week will be cut substantially in April.

This project aims to investigate the methods used by local authorities to determine priorities for funding amongst bus services .

Nearly all voluntary organisations depend to a substantial extent on funding from statutory services .


Many state schools would be funded by private firms.

Fife Symington declared the situation a disaster and released $ 200, 000 in state funds to help in the fight.

Meanwhile Mr Hague has outlined plans to end state funding of universities.

Branding the Black Chamber highly illegal, he at once directed that all its State Department funds be cut off.

Those seeking state funding should have to pledge themselves not to teach intolerance or disrespect for secular law.

Other religious schools unwilling to go along with them should no longer expect state funding .

The current state formula for funding special education is based on what districts were spending for special education in fiscal 1979-80.


It is proposed that half of the project's time will be funded by case study work.

A federally funded study of educational performance contracts in twenty localities found that the results were universally disappointing.

Councillors will discuss the possibility of funding an independent study into the mine's viability.

Of the 43 industry-funded studies , only 6 came out with any unfavourable findings.

It might, for example, help you to fund your study or retraining for your real career plan.

Two of these are funding to support study for an MEd and the Robert Reid fellowships.

Teachers interested in exploring this source of funding for small research studies should contact.

It is a conclusion that must have been popular with the Department of the Environment which funded two of the studies .


Without backing from councils or universities crèches are sometimes funded by local firms or charity events.

Even before the indictments, it was rolling over the Symington administration on a range of issues. University funding .

Academic libraries Budgets Fifty-five percent of university funding in Britain comes from public money.

It is how programs are viewed by their own athletic departments and the university administrations that fund them.

This contrasts with very much larger allocations in many universities with similar research funding levels.

Colleges and universities Higher education funding in the proposed budget keeps step with the third year of a four-year agreement.


Henley has experience of establishing research consortia and also obtaining third party funding for such work .

But the hopes fell flat, and private funding for vaccine work is drying up.

The government was, he said, prepared to facilitate and fund the work of researchers into the matter.

Obesity researchers' thinking is distorted most by the fact that almost everyone who funds their work is in the diet business.

It is proposed that half of the project's time will be funded by case study work .

The company blames cuts in Government funding for its work into nuclear fusion for the job losses.

The land is owned by Darlington Council, who are funding the conservation work .

This year the Council has allocated the budgetary sum of £11,210 as its contribution to funding the management work .



Will donors be prepared to provide the extra funds needed for reconstruction or even to continue funding at current levels?

The study continued to be funded by the government long after penicillin was available as a cure.

This must continue to be funded as before to maintain basic development of the technology.

Forbes is continuing to fund his travels and political activities largely out of his own pocket.

The writing was on the wall last year when the Government said it could not continue funding .


a charity funded by private donations

Both schools and industry will be involved in funding the new training projects.

The museum is funded by the local authority.

The state should fund the arts for the benefit of us all.

The women's shelter is funded entirely by the church.

They suspect that the rebels are being funded by Western governments.


Medicaid is a state-administered program for low-income recipients that is substantially funded by the federal government.

Research into cancer has been well funded.

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