Meaning of GUN in English

/ gʌn; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ C ] a weapon that is used for firing bullets or shells :

to fire a gun at sb

a toy gun

anti-aircraft guns

Look out, he's got a gun!

Should police officers carry guns ?

He pointed / aimed the gun at her head.

The police officers drew their guns (= took them out so they were ready to use) .

She pulled a gun on me (= took out a gun and aimed it at me) .

The gun went off by accident.

a gun battle between rival gangs

—see also air gun , handgun , machine gun , shotgun , stun gun , sub-machine gun , tommy gun


[ C ] a tool that uses pressure to send out a substance or an object :

a staple gun

—see also spray gun


the gun [ sing. ] the signal to begin a race, that is made by firing a special gun, called a starting pistol , into the air


[ C ] ( informal , especially NAmE ) a person who is paid to shoot sb :

a hired gun

—see also flashgun , son of a gun


- hold / put a gun to sb's head

- under the gun

- (with) all / both guns blazing

—more at great adjective , jump verb , spike verb , stick verb

■ verb ( -nn- )


[ v ] ( NAmE ) ( of an engine ) to run very quickly :

a line of motorcycles with their engines gunning


[ vn + adv. / prep. ] ( NAmE ) to start driving a vehicle very fast :

He gunned the cab through the red light.


- be gunning for sb

- be gunning for sth

- gun sb down



Middle English gunne , gonne , perhaps from a pet form of the Scandinavian name Gunnhildr , from gunnr + hildr , both meaning war.

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