Meaning of GUN in English

I. ˈgən noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English gonne, gunne, probably irregular from Gonnilda, Gunnilda, Gunilda, feminine proper name (sometimes applied to an engine of war), from Old Norse Gunnhildr, feminine proper name


a. : a piece of ordnance on a carriage or other mounting for throwing projectiles by the force of some explosive (as gunpowder) usually with high muzzle velocity and with comparatively flat trajectory and consisting of a tube or barrel closed at one end where the projectile is placed in front of the explosive charge to be ignited : a piece of ordnance — distinguished from howitzer and mortar

b. : a portable firearm (as a rifle, shotgun, carbine, pistol) — compare small arm

c. : a device (as an air rifle or a set gun) resembling such a piece of ordnance or such a firearm in that it throws or drives a projectile


a. : a discharge of a gun in a salute or as a signal

a salute of 21 guns

the evening gun

b. : something serving as a signal of this kind especially marking a beginning or ending of an enterprise

his speech was the opening gun of the campaign


[probably by folk etymology from ganef ]

slang : thief


a. : one who shoots a gun : hunter

b. : a professional killer

two loose guns … who turn buffalo hunters in the last days of the burning West — Whitney Balliett

5. : something suggesting a gun in shape or function: as

a. : a small hand pump for projecting oil, grease, or other lubricating material : grease gun

b. : an apparatus for forcibly spraying (as paint or caulking) or throwing on cement, concrete mixtures, or similar material


(1) : air hammer

(2) : electric hammer

d. : dust gun

e. : flashgun

f. : tacker 1f

g. : a stapling device

h. : an electric soldering tool with pistol grip

i. : electron gun

6. : a throttle or throttle lever especially of an airplane engine

7. Australia : an expert sheepshearer

- jump the gun

- under the gun

II. verb

( gunned ; gunned ; gunning ; guns )

intransitive verb

1. : to hunt with a gun : go hunting

2. : to move or progress usually rapidly in a vehicle by gunning the motor

gunned into the road, following the fresh tracks — Nard Jones

transitive verb

1. : to equip with a gun


a. : to fire upon

b. : shoot

he was … gunned down on the streets — Time

famous anarchist, was gunned to death — Alexander Dallin

c. : to hunt in

nonresidents who have gunned the Dakotas — Nash Buckingham

3. : to direct the fall of (a tree) in forestry


a. : to open up the throttle of (an engine) usually rapidly so as to increase speed

b. : to increase the speed of (a motor-driven vehicle) markedly by opening the throttle or to drive by doing this

gunned the car up the steep grade

gun a motorboat

- gun for

III. noun

: a long heavy surfboard — called also big gun

- under the gun

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