Meaning of NOSE in English


/ nəʊz; NAmE noʊz/ noun , verb

■ noun


[ C ] the part of the face that sticks out above the mouth, used for breathing and smelling things :

He broke his nose in the fight.

She wrinkled her nose in disgust.

He blew his nose (= cleared it by blowing strongly into a handkerchief ) .

a blocked / runny nose

Stop picking your nose ! (= removing dirt from it with your finger)

—see also nasal , parson's nose , Roman nose —picture at face


-nosed (in adjectives) having the type of nose mentioned :



—see also hard-nosed , toffee-nosed


[ C ] the front part of a plane, spacecraft , etc.

—picture at plane


[ sing. ] a ~ for sth a special ability for finding or recognizing sth

SYN instinct :

As a journalist, she has always had a nose for a good story.


[ sing. ] a sense of smell :

a dog with a good nose


[ sing. ] ( of wine ) a characteristic smell

SYN bouquet


- cut off your nose to spite your face

- get up sb's nose

- have your nose in sth

- have a nose round

- keep your nose clean

- keep your nose out of sth

- keep your nose to the grindstone

- look down your nose at sb/sth

- nose to tail

- on the nose

- poke / stick your nose into sth

- put sb's nose out of joint

- turn your nose up at sth

- under sb's nose

- with your nose in the air

—more at follow , lead (I) verb , pay verb , plain adjective , powder verb , rub verb , skin noun , thumb verb

■ verb


[+ adv. / prep. ] to move forward slowly and carefully :

[ v ]

The plane nosed down through the thick clouds.

[ vn ]

The taxi nosed its way back into the traffic.


[ v + adv. / prep. ] ( of an animal ) to search for sth or push sth with its nose :

Dogs nosed around in piles of refuse.


- nose about / around (for sth)

- nose sth out



Old English nosu , of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch neus , and more remotely to German Nase , Latin nasus , and Sanskrit nāsā .

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