Meaning of NOSE in English


I. ˈnōz noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English nosu; akin to Old English nasu nose, Old High German nasa, Old Norse nös, Latin nasus, Sanskrit nāsā


a. : the prominent part of the face of man or other mammals that bears the nostrils and covers the anterior part of the nasal cavity ; broadly : this part together with the nasal cavity

his nose is stopped up with a cold

people who speak through their noses

b. : the anterior part of the head above or projecting beyond the mouth : snout , proboscis , muzzle

hit the shark over the nose with an oar


a. : the sense of smell : olfaction ; also : ability to track by scent

this dog has a good nose

b. : scent ; especially : aroma

the nose of well-cured leafy hay

c. : the bouquet of an alcoholic beverage

3. : the vertebrate olfactory organ consisting essentially of a moist layer of sensory epithelium derived from invaginated embryonic ectoderm and in intimate contact with terminations of the olfactory nerve, lying in higher vertebrates in the upper part of the nasal cavity and in fishes in small sacs on each side of the head, and communicating with the external environment through the nares


a. : the front or forward end or projection of something

I pushed on, the nose of my car headed for the tropics — Francis Birtles

b. : the projecting or working end of a tool or a machine part (as a spindle)

a quarter-inch radius is specified for the nose of this lathe tool

pliers with a long nose

c. : the end of a projectile that is forward in flight

could blow half a dozen men to pieces by dropping a cartridge on the point of that nose — Wirt Williams

d. : the forward end of an airplane ; specifically : the part of a fuselage or nacelle projecting in front

e. : the distal end of a gooseberry, currant, apple, or other fruit

f. : the projecting edge of a molding or stair tread


a. : the stem of a boat

b. : the protective metal covering a boat's stem


a. : an anticlinal flexure plunging downward at one end and opening broadly at the other

b. : a buttress of usually overhanging rock

7. : the nose regarded as a symbol of officious or prying concern, interest, or intervention

a clever fellow … with his nose in all sorts of dark corners — H.J.Laski

why can't he keep his big nose out of things — James Jones

8. : the knack for discovering or the instinct for recognizing or discerning : flair

anyone with a nose for it might scent out a drama even in the meager information just provided — E.R.Bentley

has an unerring nose for humbug of any sort — Frank O'Connor

a nose for news

one of the keener noses for hit tunes — R.G.Hubler


a. : the approximate length of the nose (as of a horse)

won the race by a nose

b. : an extremely narrow margin of victory

won the election by a nose

— compare head , neck

- nose to the grindstone

- on the nose

- through the nose

- under the nose of

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

transitive verb

1. : to perceive the odor of : detect by or as if by smell : scent : smell out

2. archaic : to treat insolently : deal irreverently or disrespectfully with : beard


a. : to push or move with the nose

the dog nosed the door open

wolves or foxes had nosed aside some of the rocks — Farley Mowat

b. : to push or make (one's way) with the nose

the plane … noses its way into the whirling mass of clouds — Nona B. Brown

c. : to advance the nose, prow, or forward end into : push ahead in

our craft … nosed the first strong swell — J.R.Perkins

4. : to touch or rub with the nose : thrust the nose against or into in affection or curiosity : nuzzle

as he sat despairing his dog came up and nosed him

5. : to round off or bevel the end of (as a log for skidding)


a. : to defeat by the length of a nose in a horse race

b. : to defeat by a narrow margin in a sport or contest

intransitive verb

1. : to use the nose in examining, smelling, or showing affection : scent , sniff , nuzzle

2. : to pry or search impertinently

3. : to move ahead especially slowly or cautiously

the cars had begun to move again, nosing out into the main road — Maurice Duggan

had been nosing along the shores in pinnace, yacht, or bark — American Guide Series: Maryland

4. : to dip or run in the form of a geological nose

- nose around

- nose into

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