Meaning of NOTCH in English


/ nɒtʃ; NAmE nɑːtʃ/ noun , verb

■ noun


a level on a scale, often marking quality or achievement :

The quality of the food here has dropped a notch recently.

—see also top-notch


a V-shape or a circle cut in an edge or a surface, sometimes used to keep a record of sth :

For each day he spent on the island, he cut a new notch in his stick.

She tightened her belt an extra notch.

■ verb [ vn ]


( informal ) notch sth (up) to achieve sth such as a win or a high score :

The team has notched up 20 goals already this season.


to make a small V-shaped cut in an edge or a surface



mid 16th cent.: probably from Anglo-Norman French noche , variant of Old French osche , of unknown origin.

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