Meaning of NOTCH in English


I. ˈnäch noun

( -es )

Etymology: perhaps alteration (resulting from incorrect division of an otch ) of (assumed) otch, from Middle French oche


a. : a V-shaped indentation or hollow (as in a surface or edge)


(1) : a slit or cut made in something especially to serve as a mark or record : nick

supposed to be three notches on the butt of his business six-shooter — Green Peyton

(2) : a run in cricket

c. : undercut

d. : a half-moon (as in a thumb index) cut in book leaves at the fore edge to provide space for an identification guide

e. : a space cut out in the safety roller of lever escapements and in the staff of duplex escapements of watches to permit passage of a safety finger piece during impulse to the balance


(1) : a small V-shaped cut or one of several cuts along the edge of clothing patterns to be used as an aid in assembling a garment

(2) : a V-shaped angle at the joining of lapel and collar on a garment

2. : a narrow passage between two mountains or other elevations : a deep close pass : defile , gap

the most historic of nine notches … which are scattered through these mountains — Ford Times

— often used in place names

Crawford Notch

3. : a degree, step, or peg

his voice rose another notch — Earle Birney

this book … is notches above the usual product — Louise D. Rich

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-es )

transitive verb


a. obsolete : to cut (the hair) unevenly or poorly


(1) : to cut or make a notch in : indent

fitted together by notching the ends — American Guide Series: Minnesota

the much steeper continental slope, notched by the mouths of the gorges — R.E.Coker

(2) : to score, mark, or record by or as if by means of a notch

notched another kill on the butt of his gun

(3) : to score, gain, or achieve successfully

notched his second victory against three losses — New York Times

wrote the thesis which notched him his M.D. — Sydney ( Australia ) Bulletin

notched his thirteenth consecutive perfect performance — Postal Service News

notched himself a place in Spanish history — Hamilton Basso

c. : to make an undercut in

notch a tree

2. : to fit (the arrow) to the string : nock


a. : to fasten or insert by means of a notch

logs being notched into each other at the corners — American Guide Series: Texas

b. : to give a particular shape or form to by making notches — used with into

4. : to change the position of (a control device) step by step

intransitive verb

: to make or form a notch

the path notched into the jungle wall — William Faulkner

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