Meaning of OPENING in English


/ ˈəʊpnɪŋ; NAmE ˈoʊ-/ noun , adjective

■ noun


[ C ] a space or hole that sb/sth can pass through :

We could see the stars through an opening in the roof.


[ C , usually sing. ] the beginning or first part of sth :

The movie has an exciting opening.

OPP ending


[ C , usually sing. ] a ceremony to celebrate the start of a public event or the first time a new building, road, etc. is used :

the opening of the Olympic Games

the official opening of the new hospital


[ C , U ] the act or process of making sth open or of becoming open :

the opening of a flower

the opening of the new play

Late opening of supermarkets is common in Britain now.

OPP closing


[ C ] a job that is available

SYN vacancy :

There are several openings in the sales department.

➡ note at job


[ C ] a good opportunity for sb :

Winning the competition was the opening she needed for her career.


[ C ] part of a piece of clothing that is made to open and close so that it can be put on easily :

The skirt has a side opening.

■ adjective

[ only before noun ] first; beginning :

his opening remarks

the opening chapter of the book

OPP closing

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