Meaning of ORGANIZATION in English


( BrE also or·gan·isa·tion ) / ˌɔːgənaɪˈzeɪʃn; NAmE ˌɔːrgənəˈz-/ noun


[ C ] a group of people who form a business, club, etc. together in order to achieve a particular aim :

to work for a business / political / voluntary organization

the World Health Organization

He's the president of a large international organization.


[ U ] the act of making arrangements or preparations for sth

SYN planning :

I leave most of the organization of these conferences to my assistant.


[ U ] the way in which the different parts of sth are arranged

SYN structure :

The report studies the organization of labour within the company.


[ U ] the quality of being arranged in a neat, careful and logical way :

She is highly intelligent but her work lacks organization.

►  or·gan·iza·tion·al , or·gan·isa·tion·al / -ʃənl; NAmE / adjective :

organizational skills

organizational change

►  or·gan·iza·tion·al·ly , or·gan·isa·tion·al adverb

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