Meaning of RESCUE in English

/ ˈreskjuː; NAmE / verb , noun

■ verb

rescue sb/sth (from sth/sb) to save sb/sth from a dangerous or harmful situation :

[ vn ]

He rescued a child from drowning.

They were eventually rescued by helicopter.

The house was rescued from demolition.

You rescued me from an embarrassing situation.

[ vn - adj ]

She had despaired of ever being rescued alive.

➡ note at save

►  res·cuer noun

■ noun


[ U ] the act of saving sb/sth from a dangerous or difficult situation; the fact of being saved :

We had given up hope of rescue.

A wealthy benefactor came to their rescue with a generous donation.

a rescue attempt / operation

a mountain rescue team

rescue workers / boats / helicopters


[ C ] an occasion when sb/sth is saved from a dangerous or difficult situation :

Ten fishermen were saved in a daring sea rescue.



Middle English : from Old French rescoure from Latin re- (expressing intensive force) + excutere shake out, discard.

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