Meaning of REVIEW in English

/ rɪˈvjuː; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ U , C ] an examination of sth, with the intention of changing it if necessary :

the government's review of its education policy

The case is subject to judicial review .

His parole application is up for review next week.

The terms of the contract are under review .

a pay / salary review

a review body / date / panel


[ C , U ] a report in a newspaper or magazine, or on the Internet, television or radio, in which sb gives their opinion of a book, play, film / movie, etc.; the act of writing this kind of report :

a book review

the reviews (page) in the papers

good / bad / mixed / rave reviews in the national press

He submitted his latest novel for review.


[ C ] a report on a subject or on a series of events :

a review of customer complaints

to publish a review of recent cancer research


[ C ] ( formal ) a ceremony that involves an official inspection of soldiers, etc. by an important visitor


[ C ] ( NAmE ) a lesson in which you look again at sth you have studied, especially in order to prepare for an exam

■ verb [ vn ]


to carefully examine or consider sth again, especially so that you can decide if it is necessary to make changes

SYN reassess :

to review the evidence

The government will review the situation later in the year.

➡ note at examine


to think about past events, for example to try to understand why they happened

SYN take stock of :

to review your failures and triumphs

She had been reviewing the previous week on her way home.


to write a report of a book, play, film / movie, etc. in which you give your opinion of it :

The play was reviewed in the national newspapers.


to make an official inspection of a group of soldiers, etc. in a military ceremony


( especially NAmE ) to look again at sth you have studied, especially in order to prepare for an exam


( especially NAmE ) to check a piece of work to see if there are any mistakes



late Middle English (as a noun denoting a formal inspection of military or naval forces): from obsolete French reveue , from revoir see again.

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