Meaning of REVIEW in English

v. 1 survey, examine, regard, look at, study, con, consider, weigh, inspect, look over, scrutinize Would you be good enough to review the work of the new employees? She is coming to review the troops this weekend 2 re-examine, reconsider, go over again, look at or over again, reassess Billings reviewed once more all the bad things he had done in his lifetime 3 criticize, critique, assess, judge, evaluate, give one's opinion of, comment on or upon, discuss Who reviewed your latest book?

n. 4 criticism, critique, review article, assessment, judgement, evaluation, commentary, study, comment, notice The play received rave reviews from almost all the critics 5 survey, examination, study, consideration, inspection, scrutiny, analysis; reviewing, reading After a detailed review of the circumstances, we have decided to let you off easy this time, Finnegan 6 re-examination, reconsideration, rehashing or rehash, post-mortem, reassessment, rethinking, rethink Why do you always insist on a review of all the bidding on every hand, whenever we play bridge? 7 periodical, journal, magazine: Have you read Stonehouse's article in the latest Birmingham Review? 8 parade, procession, array, cavalcade, march past, fly-past or chiefly US flyover: A great naval review was held at Spithead

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