Meaning of ROLLER in English

/ ˈrəʊlə(r); NAmE ˈroʊ-/ noun


a piece of wood, metal or plastic, shaped like a tube, that rolls over and over and is used in machines, for example to make sth flat, or to move sth :

the heavy steel rollers under the conveyor belt


(often in compounds) a machine or piece of equipment with a part shaped like a tube so that it rolls backwards and forwards. It may be used for making sth flat, crushing or spreading sth :

Flatten the surface of the grass with a roller.

a paint roller

—see also steamroller


a piece of wood or metal, shaped like a tube, that is used for moving heavy objects :

We'll need to move the piano on rollers.


a long, powerful wave in the sea / ocean :

Huge Atlantic rollers crashed onto the rocks.


a small plastic tube that hair is rolled around to give it curls

SYN curler :

heated rollers

Her hair was in rollers .

—see also high roller

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