Meaning of ROLLER in English


I. ˈrōlə(r) noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English, from rollen, rolen to roll + -er — more at roll

1. : a revolving cylinder over or on which something is moved: as


(1) : a usually wooden cylinder over which an endless towel passes

(2) : any of the cylinders in a papermaking machine for carrying forward the web of paper or over and around which the machine clothing travels

b. : a hard steel cylinder used (as in a roller bearing) to reduce friction — see roller bearing illustration

c. : a cylinder on which heavy objects (as logs or steel rails) are rolled for ease in moving

d. : a wheel of a caster or roller skate

e. : roll 3d

f. : a disk mounted on the balance staff of a timepiece and containing the roller jewel

2. : a revolving cylinder used alone or in pairs or sets to press, shape, or smooth something: as

a. : a device with one or more heavy broad-rimmed wheels that is pulled or driven over ground (as soil, lawn, or a macadam surface) to smooth or compact it — see bar roller , road roller

b. : one of a pair or set of rolls used to flatten and shape material (as metal) drawn between them


(1) : a revolving cylinder for inking or dampening a printing surface or forming one unit of the inking or dampening mechanism of a press

(2) : paint roller

d. : either of the hard revolving cylinders in a mangle or wringer between which material to be ironed or squeezed dry is passed


(1) : roller die

(2) : thread roller

f. : mangle 4

g. : break roll

h. : a forging die fuller of such shape that the stock may be rolled on it


a. or roller bandage : a long rolled bandage

b. : a wide band of webbing buckled around a horse to keep his blanket in place

4. : a cylindrical stick or rod on which something (as a map or shade) is rolled up

5. : one that performs or supervises a rolling operation: as


(1) : one that operates a rolling mill

(2) : one that operates a bar mill for reducing the thickness of bars of metal (as gold or silver)


(1) : one that rolls up textiles usually by machine

(2) : one that operates a machine for winding rolls of wallpaper

c. : one that rolls wrapper leaves around the bunches of cigars

d. : one that rolls candy centers to shape or that rolls candy in nuts


a. : one of a series of long heavy waves that roll in upon a coast (as after a storm)

the canoe, carried helpless on the top of a big roller , grounded on the beach — A.A.Grace

b. : a tumbler pigeon ; especially : one of any of several varieties in which the characteristic action is markedly developed — see oriental roller

c. : a small burrowing snake of the family Aniliidae

d. : a ship that rolls

a bad roller in heavy seas

e. : a batted ball that rolls along the ground : a soft grounder

7. : a woman's hat with a small crown and a narrow brim that is curved upward all around

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: German, from rollen to roll, reverberate (from Middle High German, to roll, from Middle French roller, roler ) + -er (from Old High German -āri, from Latin -arius ) — more at roll

1. : any of numerous mostly brightly colored nonpasserine Old World birds of the family Coraciidae that are related to the motmots and todies and include a common European bird ( Coracias garrulus ) that is chiefly blue and greenish in various shades with the back reddish brown — see ground roller

2. : a canary having a song with a long rich recurrent trill in which the notes are soft and run together — distinguished from chopper

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