Meaning of SAND in English


/ sænd; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ U ] a substance that consists of very small fine grains of rock. Sand is found on beaches, in deserts, etc. :

a grain of sand

Concrete is a mixture of sand and cement.

His hair was the colour of sand.

The children were playing in the sand (= for example, in a sandpit ) .


[ U , C , usually pl. ] a large area of sand on a beach :

We went for a walk along the sand.

children playing on the sand

miles of golden sands

—see also sandy


see head noun , shift verb ➡ note at coast

■ verb

[ vn ] sand sth (down) to make sth smooth by rubbing it with sandpaper or using a sander



Old English , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zand and German Sand .

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