Meaning of SLUMP in English


/ slʌmp; NAmE / verb , noun

■ verb [ v ]


slump (by sth) | slump (from sth) (to sth) to fall in price, value, number, etc., suddenly and by a large amount

SYN drop :

Sales have slumped this year.

Profits slumped by over 50%.

The paper's circulation has slumped to 90 000.


[+ adv. / prep. ] to sit or fall down heavily :

The old man slumped down in his chair.

She slumped to her knees.

■ noun


slump (in sth) a sudden fall in sales, prices, the value of sth, etc.

SYN decline :

a slump in profits


a period when a country's economy or a business is doing very badly :

the slump of the 1930s

The toy industry is in a slump.

—compare boom noun (1)



late 17th cent. (in the sense fall into a bog ): probably imitative and related to Norwegian slumpe to fall.

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