Meaning of AROUND in English


adv. 1 about, approximately, nearly, almost, roughly; circa There were around a dozen of us in the place 2 about, everywhere, in every direction, on all sides, all over, throughout By this time the savages were all around and we couldn't move 3 round, about, for everyone or all, US also 'round I don't think we have enough food to go around 4 round, about, all about, everywhere, here and there, hither and thither, hither and yon, far and wide The tinker travelled around selling his wares and repairing pots

prep. 5 round, about, surrounding, encompassing, enveloping, encircling, on all sides of, in all directions from, enclosing The fields around the castle were cultivated by tenant farmers 6 about, approximately, roughly; circa He was born around the turn of the century

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