Meaning of ATTACHMENT in English


n. 1 fastening; connection, tie, link, bond The attachment of this fitting is too flimsy William cannot understand how an attachment could have been formed between his wife and his brother. 2 attaching, fastening, linking, joining, affixing, fixing, connection The mode of attachment to the wall is not immediately apparent 3 affection, regard, fidelity, faithfulness, devotion, regard, liking, fondness, affinity, friendliness, loyalty, admiration, tenderness, partiality, friendship, love We still feel a deep attachment, despite the divorce 4 adjunct, addition, accessory, device, appliance, extra, accoutrement or US also accouterment, appendage, part; ornament, decoration; Colloq gadget With this attachment, the film is advanced automatically Attachments are available at extra cost.

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