Meaning of ATTACK in English


v. 1 assail, assault, fall or set or pounce upon; charge, rush, raid, strike (at), storm; engage (in battle), fight; Colloq mug, jump They were attacked on their way home by a gang of boys Helicopter gunships were sent out to attack the bunker. 2 criticize, censure, berate; abuse, revile, inveigh against, denounce, condemn, malign, denigrate, decry, disparage, deprecate, vilify His article attacked the minister for his views on housing 3 begin, start; approach, undertake We attacked the meal with gusto 4 affect, seize; infect Rheumatism attacks young and old alike 5 waste, devour, destroy, eat; erode, corrode, decompose, dissolve Termites have attacked the beams of the house Watch how the acid attacks the areas on the plate that have not been protected.

n. 6 assault, onset, offensive, onslaught, incursion, raid, strike, inroad, invasion The enemy responded to our attack with a smokescreen After capturing the pawn, Karpov launched an attack on the queen. 7 criticism, censure; abuse, denunciation, revilement, denigration, decrial, disparagement, deprecation, vilification The quarterly's attack is totally uncalled for 8 seizure, spell, spasm, paroxysm; fit, bout Preston has had another attack of gout How do you stop an attack of hiccups? 9 destruction, wasting; erosion, corrosion Noting the attack on the planks by shipworm, the surveyor declared the vessel unseaworthy Aluminium will not withstand the attack of the salt air in this area.

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