Meaning of ATTACK in English


[verb] [T] - to try to hurt or defeat using violenceMost wild animals won't attack humans unless they are provoked. [T]I was/got attacked last night by a couple of guys with knives.Army forces have been attacking (the town) since dawn with mortar and shell fire.Napoleon attacked Russia in 1812 and was defeated and forced to retreat.Compare defend.If you attack someone or something, such as an organization or idea, you criticize them strongly.She wrote an article attacking the judges and their conduct of the trial.The report attacks the idea of exams for 7 and 8 year olds.If something, such as a disease or a chemical, attacks something, it damages it.These rose bushes are being attacked by greenfly.AIDS attacks the body's immune system.The acid will attack plastic surfaces.In sports, to attack is to play in a determined way and to try to score points.The players must attack more, or the team is going to lose this match. [I]The players must keep attacking the ball/the goal (= determinedly try to score points by kicking or hitting the ball (towards the goal)), or the team is going to lose this match. [T](figurative) We have to attack (= begin to deal with) these problems now and find some solutions. [T](figurative) The children rushed in and eagerly attacked the food (= quickly started to eat it). [T]

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