Meaning of ATTACK in English


(~s, ~ing, ~ed)

Frequency: The word is one of the 700 most common words in English.


To ~ a person or place means to try to hurt or damage them using physical violence.

He bundled the old lady into her hallway and brutally ~ed her...

While Haig and Foch argued, the Germans ~ed...

VERB: V n, V

Attack is also a noun.

...a campaign of air ~s on strategic targets...

Refugees had come under ~ from federal troops.

N-VAR: usu with supp


If you ~ a person, belief, idea, or act, you criticize them strongly.

He publicly ~ed the people who’ve been calling for secret ballot nominations...

A newspaper ran an editorial ~ing him for being a showman.

VERB: V n, V n for -ing

Attack is also a noun.

The role of the state as a prime mover in planning social change has been under ~...

The committee yesterday launched a scathing ~ on British business for failing to invest.

N-VAR: usu with supp


If something such as a disease, a chemical, or an insect ~s something, it harms or spoils it.

The virus seems to have ~ed his throat...

Several key crops failed when they were ~ed by pests.

VERB: V n, V n

Attack is also a noun.

The virus can actually destroy those white blood cells, leaving the body wide open to ~ from other infections.

N-UNCOUNT: also N in pl


If you ~ a job or a problem, you start to deal with it in an energetic way.

Any attempt to ~ the budget problem is going to have to in some way deal with those issues.



In games such as football, when one team ~s the opponent’s goal, they try to score a goal.

Now the US is controlling the ball and ~ing the opponent’s goal...

The goal was just reward for Villa’s decision to ~ constantly in the second half.

VERB: V n, V

Attack is also a noun.

Lee was at the hub of some incisive ~s in the second half.



An ~ of an illness is a short period in which you suffer badly from it.

It had brought on an ~ of asthma.

N-COUNT: with supp


see also counter-~ , heart ~

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