Meaning of BROKEN in English


adj. 1 fragmented, shattered, shivered, splintered, ruptured, cracked, split, smashed, pulverized, disintegrated, destroyed, demolished A broken Ming vase cannot be worth much 2 fractured With a broken leg, she certainly won't be competing in the slalom 3 enfeebled, weakened, crushed, defeated, beaten, ruined; dispirited, dejected, discouraged, demoralized, defeated, subdued, debilitated, Colloq licked Rosa's running away with a sailor left Hugh a broken man 4 tamed, trained, disciplined, obedient, docile, domesticated, subdued; conditioned What use is a horse that isn't broken? 5 violated, transgressed, disobeyed, contravened, defied, flouted,disregarded, ignored, infringed The rules of this club are broken too often: we'll have to tighten things up 6 interrupted, disturbed, discontinuous, disjointed, disconnected, fragmented, fragmentary, intermittent, erratic, sporadic I couldn't stop worrying about the operation and had a terrible night of broken sleep 7 Also, broken-down. out of order or commission, not working or functioning, in disrepair, Slang on the blink, out of kilter, kaput, US on the fritz, out of whack My watch is broken Why waste money repairing that broken-down car of yours?

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