Meaning of BROKEN in English


vt subdued; humbled; contrite.

2. broken ·p.p. of break.

3. broken ·vt subjugated; trained for use, as a horse.

4. broken ·vt made infirm or weak, by disease, age, or hardships.

5. broken ·vt crushed and ruined as by something that destroys hope; blighted.

6. broken ·vt disconnected; not continuous; also, rough; uneven; as, a broken surface.

7. broken ·vt fractured; cracked; disunited; sundered; strained; apart; as, a broken reed; broken friendship.

8. broken ·vt not carried into effect; not adhered to; violated; as, a broken promise, vow, or contract; a broken law.

9. broken ·vt separated into parts or pieces by violence; divided into fragments; as, a broken chain or rope; a broken dish.

10. broken ·vt ruined financially; incapable of redeeming promises made, or of paying debts incurred; as, a broken bank; a broken tradesman.

11. broken ·vt imperfectly spoken, as by a foreigner; as, broken english; imperfectly spoken on account of emotion; as, to say a few broken words at parting.

Webster English vocab.      Английский словарь Webster.