Meaning of BROKEN in English


past part. of BREAK(1).


1. that has been broken; out of order.

2 (of a person) reduced to despair; beaten.

3 (of a language or of speech) spoken falteringly and with many mistakes, as by a foreigner (broken English).

4 disturbed, interrupted (broken time).

5 uneven (broken ground).

Phrases and idioms:

broken chord Mus. a chord in which the notes are played successively. broken-down

1. worn out by age, use, or ill-treatment.

2 out of order. broken-hearted overwhelmed with sorrow or grief. broken-heartedness grief. broken home a family in which the parents are divorced or separated. broken reed a person who has become unreliable or ineffective. broken wind heaves (see HEAVE n. 3). broken-winded (of a horse) disabled by ruptured air-cells in the lungs.


brokenly adv. brokenness n.

Oxford English vocab.      Оксфордский английский словарь.