Meaning of INTERIOR in English


adj. 1 inside, internal, inner, inward The interior surfaces are to be painted white 2 internal, domestic, civil, national, local, home We will not accept the interference of foreign governments in our interior affairs 3 inner, private, intimate, personal, individual, secret, hidden, veiled Some of Hamlet's great speeches are in the form of interior monologues, or soliloquies 4 upland, inland, up-country, land-locked The most beautiful scenery is in the interior part of the country, away from the marshy coast

n. 5 inside The interior is coated with Teflon 6 heart, centre, middle, core, depths This is the story of a journey to the interior of the earth 7 uplands, up-country, heartland, hinterland The interior is covered with rocks and scrub pine

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