Meaning of ORIGINAL in English


adj. 1 initial, first, earliest, primary, beginning, starting, basic The original report made no mention of any missing jewellery 2 native, indigenous, autochthonous, aboriginal, primordial, primeval, primitive At first, we could find only slight traces of the original inhabitants 3 master, actual, primary, authentic, true, genuine, real, basic; prototypic(al), archetypal, source I have the original document and my lawyer has a copy 4 creative, novel, innovative, unique, imaginative, unusual, inventive, ingenious; firsthand, fresh, underived, unprecedented The film is based on a highly original story by Daphne du Maurier The author has some original insights into Hamlet's relationship with Ophelia.

n. 5 prototype, archetype, source, model, pattern; master The original hangs in the National Gallery 6 eccentric, nonconformist, individualist, Colloq case, card, character, Brit queer fish True to his reputation as an original, Wilde sauntered down the Strand with a lily in his hand

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