Meaning of ORIGINAL in English


I. əˈrijən ə l, -jnəl noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Medieval Latin originale, from Latin originale, adjective, original, neuter of originalis

1. archaic

a. : the source or cause from which something arises

b. : parentage

c. : author , originator

2. archaic : origin 2


a. : a model, pattern, or archetype that is copied


(1) : a primary manuscript from which copies are made

(2) : a direct impression produced by a typewriter especially when made simultaneously with one or more carbon copies


(1) : the person or thing represented in a photograph or an artist's work

(2) : a picture or work of art from which copies are made

4. : a work composed firsthand : an artist's independent or spontaneous product

caught up on their mail or … wrote an original against the rainy season — Budd Schulberg


a. : a person of fresh initiative or inventive capacity : innovator

an original among popular pianists, combining jazz and romantic techniques in an unusually effective manner — Douglas Watt

b. archaic : eccentric 3

6. : a postage stamp from an original issue, as distinguished from a reprint or a reissue

II. adjective

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin originalis, from origin-, origo origin + -alis -al


a. : of or relating to a rise or beginning : existing from the start : initial , primary , pristine

original plans called for many films to be made simultaneously — Cecile Starr

the forests were in large part original — J.M.Mogey

b. : constituting a source, beginning, or first reliance

the original account of the mutiny … as recorded by two of the survivors — F.R.Dulles


a. : taking independent rise : having spontaneous origin : not secondary, derivative, or imitative : fresh , new

gives us, as all good poetry does, an original angle of vision — C.D.Lewis

b. : gifted with powers of independent thought, direct insight, or constructive imagination : creative , fertile , germinal , inventive

esteemed as an original American composer

c. : constituting the product or model from which copies are made

found the original manuscript, of which copies had long been current

Synonyms: see new

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