Meaning of PILE in English

n. 1 heap, mound, stack, accumulation, stockpile, mass, supply, deposit, collection, assemblage, batch, hoard, aggregation, congeries, conglomeration, assortment, agglomeration, concentration, amassment A huge pile of gravel was delivered today for the builders 2 money, fortune, wealth, holdings, Colloq bundle, loot, mint, Slang packet, tidy sum, US bankroll, roll, wad She made her pile selling arms to terrorists 3 Usually, piles. abundance, over-abundance, superabundance, plenty, great deal, quantity, ocean(s), lot(s), stack(s), plethora, Colloq oodles, ton(s), bag(s), heap(s), bundle(s) He made piles of money in the black market 4 See pier, 2, above.

v. 5 Often, pile up. stack (up), heap (up), mound, accumulate, stockpile, amass, collect, assemble, hoard, aggregate, cumulate Please pile the cartons in the corner 6 pile in or into. enter, get in or into, crowd in or into, pack in or into, flood in or into, jam in or into, crush in or into, Colloq jump in or into All of us piled into my car to go to the cinema 7 pile it on. exaggerate Ronnie was really piling it on about how much his new job pays 8 pile on or onto. a get in or into or on or onto, crowd on or onto, jump on or onto We piled on the train after the game They piled onto the hay wagon for a ride home. b attack, assault, jump on, overwhelm They all piled on me and I had to give up 9 pile out. leave, get out (of) or down (from), exit When we arrived, we all piled out of the bus Hordes of people piled out of the theatre. 10 pile up. accumulate, amass, collect The rubbish kept piling up during the strike

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