Meaning of ROUTINE in English


n. 1 custom, habit, procedure, practice, method, schedule, plan, programme, formula, pattern, way, usage, wont, Colloq chiefly Brit drill Chalmers has always been a stickler for routine What's the routine here when you want to order a new chair? 2 act, piece, bit, performance, number, part, Colloq thing, shtick The fat lady doesn't sing till after Joe Miller finishes his routine

adj. 3 customary, habitual, usual, rote, accustomed,familiar, conventional, regular, ordinary, everyday; programmed, assigned, designated, scheduled Her routine responsibilities include proofreading 4 boring, tedious, tiresome, unimaginative, uninteresting; hackneyed, trite, stereotypic(al), clichéd, run-of-the-mill, ordinary; unvaried, unvarying, unchanging, monotonous, uneventful, rote, automatic, mechanical, perfunctory He has a routine job on the assembly line

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