Meaning of ROUTINE in English


I. (ˈ)rüˈtēn noun

( -s )

Etymology: French, from Middle French, from route traveled way


a. : a standard practice : regular course of procedure

the old speakeasy routine of having a guard inspect you with one eye through a peephole — Robert Shaplen

the usual routine of appointment: tutor, 1871-74; assistant professor, 1875-80; professor, 1880-1916 — J.M.Berdan

b. : the habitual method of performance of established procedures

the matter-of-fact laconic routine of the hospital — Leslie Rees

housewives, their routine quickened by the pace of wartime living — Monsanto Magazine

c. : a repetitive speech or formula

that old routine about his welfare, and what was best for it — Gregor Felsen

the “visit your dentist twice a year” routine — Spokane (Wash.) Spokesman Review


a. : adherence to a pattern of behavior characterized by mechanical repetition

most of us are blind — made so by custom and routine — C.S.Kilby

b. : the quality or state of being humdrum

sell out quickly … to avoid the dull routine of development — American Guide Series: Nevada


a. : an established sequence of operations (as in a factory or business establishment)

b. : a sequence of computer instructions for performing a particular task


a. : a standardized piece of entertainment or showmanship : act , bit

went through the hat routine for distinguished guests — Time

specifically : a theatrical number

a breathtaking routine on a tightrope — New Yorker

sitting out front at rehearsals, he jots down … a description of each routine — H.W.Wind

b. : a fixed series of dance steps or rhythmic movements

can pick up a difficult tap routine at a single rehearsal — Agnes de Mille

II. (ˈ) ̷ ̷| ̷ ̷ adjective

1. : of a commonplace or repetitious character : ordinary , usual

the level of artistry … was altogether routine and uninspired — Winthrop Sargeant

read about the spectacular flights, but … seldom read anything about the hundreds of routine flights made over the same country — Harold Griffin

a few phrases of routine patriotism — James Joll

the car performs well with only routine maintenance

2. : of, relating to, or in accordance with established procedure

the routine settlement of boundary disputes — S.F.Bemis

the routine use of the blood-pressure test — F.A.Faught

the purser's routine book … lists everything that has to be done — Saturday Review

• rou·tine·ly adverb

• rou·tine·ness noun -es

III.  ̷ ̷ˈ ̷ ̷ transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

: routinize

a horse should not be routined in any one test — Notes on Dressage

routines the sequence of dialogue — Maurice Zolotow

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