Meaning of SILVER in English


n. 1 silverware, sterling, (silver) plate; cutlery, US flatware; hollowware Guests are coming so I'll have to polish the silver 2 white, greyish, whitish-grey, greyish-white, grey When your hair has turned to silver, I will love you just the same

adj. 3 silvery, shiny, shining, polished, burnished, lustrous, pearly, nacreous, bright, gleaming, Literary or heraldry argent; white The moon's silver crescent hung low in the sky Her hair is more silver than grey. 4 silvery, silver-toned, silver-tongued, sweet, pretty, euphonious, melodious, mellifluous, mellifluent, dulcet, musical The silver tones of the muezzin echoed in the streets, calling the faithful to prayer

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