Meaning of ARM in English

1. n.1 each of the upper limbs of the human body from the shoulder to the hand.

2 a the forelimb of an animal. b the flexible limb of an invertebrate animal (e.g. an octopus).

3 a the sleeve of a garment. b the side part of a chair etc., used to support a sitter's arm. c a thing resembling an arm in branching from a main stem (an arm of the sea). d a large branch of a tree.

4 a control; a means of reaching (arm of the law).

Phrases and idioms:

an arm and a leg a large sum of money. arm in arm (of two or more persons) with arms linked. arm-wrestling a trial of strength in which each party tries to force the other's arm down on to a table on which their elbows rest. as long as your (or my) arm colloq. very long. at arm's length

1. as far as an arm can reach.

2 far enough to avoid undue familiarity. in arms (of a baby) too young to walk. in a person's arms embraced. on one's arm supported by one's arm. under one's arm between the arm and the body. within arm's reach reachable without moving one's position. with open arms cordially.


armful n. (pl. -fuls). armless adj.

Etymology: OE f. Gmc 2. n. & v.


1. (usu. in pl.) a a weapon. b FIREARM.

2 (in pl.) the military profession.

3 a branch of the military (e.g. infantry, cavalry, artillery, etc.).

4 (in pl.) heraldic devices (coat of arms). & refl.

1. supply with weapons.

2 supply with tools or other requisites or advantages (armed with the truth).

3 make (a bomb etc.) able to explode.

Phrases and idioms:

arms control international disarmament or arms limitation, esp. by mutual agreement. arms race a contest for superiority in nuclear weapons, esp. between East and West. in arms armed. lay down one's arms cease fighting. take up arms begin fighting. under arms ready for war or battle. up in arms (usu. foll. by against, about) actively rebelling.


armless adj.

Etymology: ME f. OF armes (pl.), armer, f. L arma arms, fittings

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