Meaning of BEHIND in English


prep., adv., & n.


1. a in, towards, or to the rear of. b on the further side of (behind the bush). c hidden by (something behind that remark).

2 a in the past in relation to (trouble is behind me now). b late in relation to (behind schedule).

3 inferior to; weaker than (rather behind the others in his maths).

4 a in support of (she's right behind us). b responsible for; giving rise to (the man behind the project; the reasons behind his resignation).

5 in the tracks of; following.


1. a in or to or towards the rear; further back (the street behind; glance behind). b on the further side (a high wall with a field behind).

2 remaining after departure (leave behind; stay behind).

3 (usu. foll. by with) a in arrears (behind with the rent). b late in accomplishing a task etc. (working too slowly and getting behind).

4 in a weak position; backward (behind in Latin).

5 following (his dog running behind).


1. colloq. the buttocks.

2 (in Australian Rules) a kick etc. scoring one point.

Phrases and idioms:

behind a person's back without a person's knowledge. behind the scenes see SCENE. behind time late. behind the times antiquated. come from behind win after lagging. fall (or lag) behind not keep up. put behind one 1 refuse to consider.

2 get over (an unhappy experience etc.).

Etymology: OE behindan, bihindan f. bi BY + hindan from behind, hinder below

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