Meaning of BUM in English


1. n. Brit. sl. the buttocks.

Phrases and idioms:

bum-bailiff hist. a bailiff empowered to collect debts or arrest debtors for non-payment. bum-boat any small boat plying with provisions etc. for ships. bum-sucker sl. a toady. bum-sucking toadying.

Etymology: ME bom, of unkn. orig. 2. n., v., & adj. US sl.

--n. a habitual loafer or tramp; a lazy dissolute person.

--v. (bummed, bumming)

1. intr. (often foll. by about, around) loaf or wander around; be a bum.

2 tr. get by begging; cadge.

--attrib.adj. of poor quality.

Phrases and idioms:

bum rap imprisonment on a false charge. bum's rush forcible ejection. bum steer false information. on the bum vagrant, begging.

Etymology: prob. abbr. or back-form. f. BUMMER

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