Meaning of CHARGE in English


v. & n.


1. tr. a ask (an amount) as a price (charges {pound}5 a ticket). b ask (a person) for an amount as a price (you forgot to charge me).

2 tr. a (foll. by to, up to) debit the cost of to (a person or account) (charge it to my account; charge it up to me). b debit (a person or an account) (bought a new car and charged the company).

3 tr. a (often foll. by with) accuse (of an offence) (charged him with theft). b (foll. by that + clause) make an accusation that.

4 tr. (foll. by to + infin.) instruct or urge.

5 (foll. by with) a tr. entrust with. b refl. undertake.

6 a intr. make a rushing attack; rush headlong. b tr. make a rushing attack on; throw oneself against.

7 tr. (often foll. by up) a give an electric charge to (a body). b store energy in (a battery).

8 tr. (often foll. by with) load or fill (a vessel, gun, etc.) to the full or proper extent.

9 tr. (usu. as charged adj.) a (foll. by with) saturated with (air charged with vapour). b (usu. foll. by with) pervaded (with strong feelings etc.) (atmosphere charged with emotion; a charged atmosphere).


1. a a price asked for goods or services. b a financial liability or commitment.

2 an accusation, esp. against a prisoner brought to trial.

3 a a task, duty, or commission. b care, custody, responsible possession. c a person or thing entrusted; a minister's congregation.

4 a an impetuous rush or attack, esp. in a battle. b the signal for this.

5 the appropriate amount of material to be put into a receptacle, mechanism, etc. at one time, esp. of explosive for a gun.

6 a a property of matter that is a consequence of the interaction between its constituent particles and exists in a positive or negative form, causing electrical phenomena. b the quantity of this carried by a body. c energy stored chemically for conversion into electricity. d the process of charging a battery.

7 an exhortation; directions, orders.

8 a burden or load.

9 Heraldry a device; a bearing.

Phrases and idioms:

charge account US a credit account at a shop etc. charge card a credit card for which the account must be paid in full when a statement is issued. charge-hand Brit. a worker, ranking below a foreman, in charge of others on a particular job. charge-nurse Brit. a nurse in charge of a ward etc. charge-sheet Brit. a record of cases and charges made at a police station. free of charge gratis. give a person in charge hand a person over to the police. in charge having command. lay to a person's charge accuse a person of. put a person on a charge charge a person with a specified offence. return to the charge begin again, esp. in argument. take charge (often foll. by of) assume control or direction.


chargeable adj.

Etymology: ME f. OF charger f. LL car(ri)care load f. L carrus CAR

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