Meaning of CLASP in English


n. & v.


1. a a device with interlocking parts for fastening. b a buckle or brooch. c a metal fastening on a book-cover.

2 a an embrace; a person's reach. b a grasp or handshake.

3 a bar of silver on a medal-ribbon with the name of the battle etc. at which the wearer was present.


1. tr. fasten with or as with a clasp.

2 tr. a grasp, hold closely. b embrace, encircle.

3 intr. fasten a clasp.

Phrases and idioms:

clasp hands shake hands with fervour or affection. clasp one's hands interlace one's fingers. clasp-knife a folding knife, usu. with a catch holding the blade when open.


clasper n.

Etymology: ME: orig. unkn.

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