Meaning of COLLECT in English


1. v., adj., & adv.


1. tr. & intr. bring or come together; assemble, accumulate.

2 tr. systematically seek and acquire (books, stamps, etc.), esp. as a continuing hobby.

3 a tr. obtain (taxes, contributions, etc.) from a number of people. b intr. colloq. receive money.

4 tr. call for; fetch (went to collect the laundry).

5 a refl. regain control of oneself esp. after a shock. b tr. concentrate (one's energies, thoughts, etc.). c tr. (as collected adj.) calm and cool; not perturbed or distracted.

6 tr. infer, gather, conclude.

--adj. & adv. US to be paid for by the receiver (of a telephone call, parcel, etc.).


collectable adj. collectedly adv.

Etymology: F collecter or med.L collectare f. L collectus past part. of colligere (as COM-, legere pick) 2. n. a short prayer of the Anglican and Roman Catholic Church, esp. one assigned to a particular day or season.

Etymology: ME f. OF collecte f. L collecta fem. past part. of colligere: see COLLECT(1)

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