Meaning of CREDIT in English


n. & v.


1. (usu. of a person) a source of honour, pride, etc. (is a credit to the school).

2 the acknowledgement of merit (must give him credit for consistency).

3 a good reputation (his credit stands high).

4 a belief or trust (I place credit in that). b something believable or trustworthy (that statement has credit).

5 a a person's financial standing; the sum of money at a person's disposal in a bank etc. b the power to obtain goods etc. before payment (based on the trust that payment will be made).

6 (usu. in pl.) an acknowledgement of a contributor's services to a film, television programme, etc.

7 a grade above a pass in an examination.

8 a reputation for solvency and honesty in business.

9 a (in bookkeeping) the acknowledgement of being paid by an entry on the credit side of an account. b the sum entered. c the credit side of an account.

10 US a certificate indicating that a student has completed a course. (credited, crediting)

1. believe (cannot credit it).

2 (usu. foll. by to, with) enter on the credit side of an account (credited {pound}20 to him; credited him with {pound}20).

Phrases and idioms:

credit account Brit. an account with a shop etc. for obtaining goods or services before payment. credit card a card from a bank etc. authorizing the obtaining of goods on credit. credit note a note given by a shop etc. in return for goods returned, stating the value of goods owed to the customer. credit rating an estimate of a person's suitability to receive commercial credit. credit sale the sale of goods on credit. credit title a person's name appearing at the beginning or end of a film or broadcast etc. as an acknowledgement. credit transfer a transfer from one person's bank account to another's. credit a person with ascribe (a good quality) to a person. do credit to (or do a person credit) enhance the reputation of. get credit for be given credit for. give a person credit for 1 enter (a sum) to a person's credit.

2 ascribe (a good quality) to a person. give credit to believe. letter of credit a letter from a banker authorizing a person to draw money up to a specified amount, usu. from another bank. on credit with an arrangement to pay later. to one's credit in one's praise, commendation, or defence (to his credit, he refused the offer).

Etymology: F cr{eacute}dit f. It. credito or L creditum f. credere credit- believe, trust

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