Meaning of DIE in English

1. v. (dies, died, dying)

1. intr. (often foll. by of) (of a person, animal, or plant) cease to live; expire, lose vital force (died of hunger).

2 intr. a come to an end, cease to exist, fade away (the project died within six months). b cease to function; break down (the engine died). c (of a flame) go out.

3 intr. (foll. by on) die or cease to function while in the presence or charge of (a person).

4 intr. (usu. foll. by of, from, with) be exhausted or tormented (nearly died of boredom; was dying from the heat).

5 tr. suffer (a specified death) (died a natural death).

Phrases and idioms:

be dying (foll. by for, or to + infin.) wish for longingly or intently (was dying for a drink; am dying to see you). die away become weaker or fainter to the point of extinction. die-away adj. languishing. die back (of a plant) decay from the tip towards the root. die down become less loud or strong. die hard die reluctantly, not without a struggle (old habits die hard). die-hard n. a conservative or stubborn person. die out become extinct, cease to exist. never say die keep up courage, not give in.

Etymology: ME, prob. f. ON deyja f. Gmc 2. n.1 sing. of DICE n. 1a.


Dice is now standard in general use in this sense.

2 (pl. dies) a an engraved device for stamping a design on coins, medals, etc. b a device for stamping, cutting, or moulding material into a particular shape.

3 (pl. dice) Archit. the cubical part of a pedestal between the base and the cornice; a dado or plinth.

Phrases and idioms:

as straight (or true) as a die

1. quite straight.

2 entirely honest or loyal. die-cast cast (hot metal) in a die or mould. die-casting the process or product of casting from metal moulds. the die is cast an irrevocable step has been taken. die-sinker an engraver of dies. die-stamping embossing paper etc. with a die.

Etymology: ME f. OF de f. L datum neut. past part. of dare give, play

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