Meaning of FISH in English


1. n. & v.

--n. (pl. same or fishes)

1. a vertebrate cold-blooded animal with gills and fins living wholly in water.

2 any animal living wholly in water, e.g. cuttlefish, shellfish, jellyfish.

3 the flesh of fish as food.

4 colloq. a person remarkable in some way (usu. unfavourable) (an odd fish).

5 (the Fish or Fishes) the zodiacal sign or constellation Pisces.

6 Naut. sl. a torpedo; a submarine.


1. intr. try to catch fish, esp. with a line or net.

2 tr. fish for (a certain kind of fish) or in (a certain stretch of water).

3 intr. (foll. by for) a search for in water or a concealed place. b seek by indirect means (fishing for compliments).

4 tr. (foll. by up, out, etc.) retrieve with careful or awkward searching.

Phrases and idioms:

drink like a fish drink excessively. fish-bowl a usu. round glass bowl for keeping pet fish in. fish cake a cake of shredded fish and mashed potato, usu. eaten fried. fish eagle

1. any large eagle of the genus Haliaeetus, with long broad wings, strong legs, and a strong tail.

2 any of several other eagles catching and feeding on fish. fish-eye lens a very wide-angle lens with a curved front. fish farm a place where fish are bred for food. fish finger Brit. a small oblong piece of fish in batter or breadcrumbs. fish-glue isinglass. fish-hawk an osprey, Pandion haliaeetus. fish-hook a barbed hook for catching fish. fish-kettle an oval pan for boiling fish. fish-knife a knife for eating or serving fish. fish-meal ground dried fish used as fertilizer or animal feed. fish out of water a person in an unsuitable or unwelcome environment or situation. fish-pond (or -pool) a pond or pool in which fish are kept. fish-slice a flat utensil for lifting fish and fried foods during and after cooking. other fish to fry other matters to attend to.

Etymology: OE fisc, fiscian f. Gmc 2. n. & v.


1. a flat plate of iron, wood, etc., to strengthen a beam or joint.

2 Naut. a piece of wood, convex and concave, used to strengthen a mast etc.

1. mend or strengthen (a spar etc.) with a fish.

2 join (rails) with a fish-plate.

Phrases and idioms:

fish-bolt a bolt used to fasten fish-plates and rails together. fish-plate a a flat piece of iron etc. connecting railway rails. b a flat piece of metal with ends like a fish's tail, used to position masonry.


fishlike adj.

Etymology: orig. as verb: f. F ficher fix ult. f. L figere 3. n. a piece of ivory etc. used as a counter in games.

Etymology: F fiche (ficher; see FISH(2))

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