Meaning of FUEL in English

n. & v.


1. material, esp. coal, wood, oil, etc., burnt or used as a source of heat or power.

2 food as a source of energy.

3 material used as a source of nuclear energy.

4 anything that sustains or inflames emotion or passion.

--v. (fuelled, fuelling; US fueled, fueling)

1. tr. supply with fuel.

2 tr. sustain or inflame (an argument, feeling, etc.) (drink fuelled his anger).

3 intr. take in or get fuel.

Phrases and idioms:

fuel cell a cell producing an electric current direct from a chemical reaction. fuel element an element of nuclear fuel etc. for use in a reactor. fuel injection the direct introduction of fuel under pressure into the combustion units of an internal-combustion engine. fuel oil oil used as fuel in an engine or furnace.

Etymology: ME f. AF fuaille, fewaile, OF fouaille, ult. f. L focus hearth

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