Meaning of MEDIUM in English


n. & adj.

--n. (pl. media or mediums)

1. the middle quality, degree, etc. between extremes (find a happy medium).

2 the means by which something is communicated (the medium of sound; the medium of television).

3 the intervening substance through which impressions are conveyed to the senses etc. (light passing from one medium into another).

4 Biol. the physical environment or conditions of growth, storage, or transport of a living organism (the shape of a fish is ideal for its fluid medium; growing mould on the surface of a medium).

5 an agency or means of doing something (the medium through which money is raised).

6 the material or form used by an artist, composer, etc. (language as an artistic medium).

7 the liquid (e.g. oil or gel) with which pigments are mixed for use in painting.

8 (pl. mediums) a person claiming to be in contact with the spirits of the dead and to communicate between the dead and the living.


1. between two qualities, degrees, etc.

2 average; moderate (of medium height).

Phrases and idioms:

medium bowler Cricket a bowler who bowls at a medium pace. medium dry (of sherry, wine, etc.) having a flavour intermediate between dry and sweet. medium frequency a radio frequency between 300 kHz and 3 MHz. medium of circulation something that serves as an instrument of commercial transactions, e.g. coin. medium-range (of an aircraft, missile, etc.) able to travel a medium distance. medium wave a radio wave of medium frequency.


mediumism n. (in sense 8 of n.). mediumistic adj. (in sense 8 of n.). mediumship n. (in sense 8 of n.).

Etymology: L, middle, neut. of medius

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