Meaning of NEAR in English

adv., prep., adj., & v.


1. (often foll. by to) to or at a short distance in space or time; close by (the time drew near; dropped near to them).

2 closely (as near as one can guess).

3 archaic almost, nearly (very near died).

4 archaic parsimoniously; meanly (lives very near).

--prep. (compar. & superl. also used)

1. to or at a short distance (in space, time, condition, or resemblance) from (stood near the back; occurs nearer the end; the sun is near setting).

2 (in comb.) a that is almost (near-hysterical; a near-Communist). b intended as a substitute for; resembling (near-beer).


1. (usu. predic.) close at hand; close to, in place or time (the man nearest you; in the near future).

2 a closely related (a near relation). b intimate (a near friend).

3 (of a part of a vehicle, animal, or road) left (the near fore leg; near side front wheel (orig. of the side from which one mounted)) (opp. OFF).

4 close; narrow (a near escape; a near guess).

5 (of a road or way) direct.

6 niggardly, mean.


1. tr. approach; draw near to (neared the harbour).

2 intr. draw near (could distinguish them as they neared).

Phrases and idioms:

come (or go) near (foll. by verbal noun, or to + verbal noun) be on the point of, almost succeed in (came near to falling). go near (foll. by to + infin.) narrowly fail. near at hand

1. within easy reach.

2 in the immediate future. the Near East the region comprising the countries of the eastern Mediterranean. Near Eastern of the Near East. near go colloq. a narrow escape. near the knuckle colloq. verging on the indecent.

near miss

1. (of a bomb etc.) close to the target.

2 a situation in which a collision is narrowly avoided.

3 (of an attempt) almost but not quite successful. near sight esp. US short sight. near thing a narrow escape. near upon archaic not far in time from.


nearish adj. nearness n.

Etymology: ME f. ON n{aelig}r, orig. compar. of n{aacute} OE neah NIGH

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