Meaning of PANEL in English


n. & v.


1. a a distinct, usu. rectangular, section of a surface (e.g. of a wall, door, or vehicle). b a control panel (see CONTROL n. 5). c instrument panel.

2 a strip of material as part of a garment.

3 a group of people forming a team in a broadcast game, discussion, etc.

4 Brit. hist. a list of medical practitioners registered in a district as accepting patients under the National Insurance Act.

5 a a list of available jurors; a jury. b Sc. a person or persons accused of a crime. (panelled, panelling; US paneled, paneling)

1. fit or provide with panels.

2 cover or decorate with panels.

Phrases and idioms:

panel-beater one whose job is to beat out the metal panels of motor vehicles. panel game a broadcast quiz etc. played by a panel. panel heating the heating of rooms by panels in the wall etc. containing the sources of heat. panel pin a thin nail with a very small head. panel saw a saw with small teeth for cutting thin wood for panels. panel truck US a small enclosed delivery truck.

Etymology: ME & OF, piece of cloth, ult. f. L pannus: see PANE

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