Meaning of PANEL in English


I. ˈpan ə l noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, probably from (assumed) Vulgar Latin pannellus, alteration (influenced by Latin -ellus -el) of Latin pannulus small piece of cloth, from pannus cloth, rag, ribbon + -ulus -ule — more at vane

1. obsolete : pannel I


a. obsolete : a small piece of parchment


(1) : a schedule containing the names of persons summoned as jurors by a sheriff

(2) : the whole group of persons so summoned from which the jury is selected

(3) : jury 1

c. : the person or persons arraigned for trial

d. : a list or group of persons selected for some service (as research, investigation, arbitration)

an advisory panel of experts

test results … accomplished by a panel of tasters — Biological Abstracts


(1) : a list of physicians from among whom a patient may make a choice in accordance with various British health and insurance plans

(2) : the patients cared for by a doctor under such a plan


(1) : a group of three or more people often skilled in various fields who conduct before an audience a discussion on a topic (as of political, economic, or social interest) in order to stimulate interest and to present different points of view rather than to arrive at a single solution or to establish the superiority of one viewpoint

(2) or panel discussion : a discussion conducted by such a panel — compare debate , symposium

g. : a group of three or more entertainers or guests engaged as players in a quiz game or guessing game conducted by a master of ceremonies on a radio or television program


(1) : a number of persons interviewed as a population sample on two or more occasions for the purposes of a survey (as to ascertain changes in attitude or situation during the interim)

consumer panel

listener panel

labor force panel

panel study

(2) : a survey of attitudes, opinions, or objective data using such a panel

a fact-finding panel


[probably influenced in meaning by Latin panis door panel, table, from panis food — more at food ]

: a separate or distinct part of a surface

cuts steel sheets into exact sizes for fenders, hoods, and roof panels — Time

the transparent panel of a window envelope

the inscription engraved in the panel of this Royal Medal — P.H.Pettiford


a. : a fence section (as the part between two posts in a rail fence) : hurdle


(1) : a thin usually rectangular board set sunken in a frame (as in a door, wainscot, or chair back)

(2) : a usually sunken or raised section of a surface (as a wall or ceiling) set off by a molding or other margin sometimes of different material or color

(3) : a flat usually rectangular piece of construction material (as plywood, metal, concrete, plastic) made usually in a standard size to form part of a surface (as a wall, ceiling, floor)

quickly put up a wall of prefabricated plywood panels


(1) : a compartment of some design in carpet bedding

(2) : a level expanse of turf (as in a garden)


(1) : an area on a book cover enclosed by a tooled or stamped border

(2) : an affixed or inserted label on a book cover on which tooling, stamping, or finishing may be done


(1) : a vertical section of fabric (as a gore in a skirt) usually stitched by two or more sides into or onto a garment

(2) : a length of fabric (as a curtain) allowed to hang freely from its upper edge

(3) : one of the gores of a parachute canopy


(1) : box 9a, 9c

(2) : a cartoon consisting of a single picture

(3) : a space on a postage stamp set off by a border or a tinted ground and containing a value figure, inscription, separate unit of design, or insignia — called also label, tablet

g. : a flat-bottomed furrow with sloping or curved sides cut in ornamental glassware


(1) : any of several units of construction of a wing surface of an airplane

(2) : any unit piece of fabric of which the envelope or outer cover of an aerostat is made

(3) : the area in a rigid airship bounded by two adjacent longitudinals and two adjacent transverses


(1) : any of the flat faces of a box, carton, or case whether separate or in finished form

the trademark printed on the front panel

(2) : any flat, smooth, or unmarked area on a container

a panel on the jar lid for marking in the price


a. : a thin flat piece of wood on which a picture is painted usually in tempera or oil and tempera combined ; also : a painting on such a surface

b. or panel photograph : a long narrow photograph ; especially : one about 4 inches by 8 1/2 inches

c. : a picture painted or mounted on a section of wall

d. : a photograph mounted on a stiff backing for display


a. obsolete : a small portion of coal left uncut

b. : one of the divisions marked by pillars of extra size into which a mine is laid off in one system of extracting coal or ore


a. : one of the sections of a folding screen or triptych


(1) : a book forming part of a series (as a trilogy presenting a subject in historical sequence)

(2) : a series of such works

this book, the second of a projected panel of four about the West — Time


a. : a section of a switchboard

b. : a flat insulating support for parts of an electrical device usually with control handles arranged on one face

c. : a usually vertical mount for controls or dials of instruments of measurement


[influenced in meaning by pane (I) ]

: a distinctively shaped or colored piece of cloth for display on the ground by troops as a means of signaling to airplanes or of marking front lines or friendly installations or vehicles

9. : panel truck

- in the panel

II. transitive verb

( paneled or panelled ; paneled or panelled ; paneling or panelling ; panels )

1. : to furnish or decorate with panels

2. : to produce flat surfaces in (a container) by distortion or in manufacture

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