Meaning of TOWER in English

n. & v.


1. a a tall esp. square or circular structure, often part of a church, castle, etc. b a fortress etc. comprising or including a tower. c a tall structure housing machinery, apparatus, operators, etc. (cooling tower; control tower).

2 a place of defence; a protection.


1. (usu. foll. by above, high) reach or be high or above; be superior.

2 (of a bird) soar or hover.

3 (as towering adj.) a high, lofty (towering intellect). b violent (towering rage).

Phrases and idioms:

tower block a tall building containing offices or flats. tower of silence a tall open-topped structure on which Parsees place their dead. tower of strength a person who gives strong and reliable support.


towered adj. towery adj.

Etymology: OE torr, & ME tur, AF & OF tur etc., f. L turris f. Gk

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