Meaning of BETA TEST in English

noun and verb (Science and Technology) noun: A test of an experimental product (such as computer software), carried out by an outside organization after alpha testing by the developer (see alpha test) is complete. transitive verb: To submit (a product) to a beta test. Etymology: Formed by compounding. Beta, the second letter of the Greek alphabet, has long been used to denote the second in a series; the beta test is the second test, carried out only after successful alpha testing. History and Usage: For history see alpha test. A person whose job is to test software in this way for a separate developer is a beta-tester; the process is known as beta testing and the product at this stage of development is the beta-test version. Problem solving together with alpha and beta testing of new products require a minimum of 2 years experience. The Times 21 Mar. 1985, p. 39

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