Meaning of TEST in English

1. n. & v.


1. a critical examination or trial of a person's or thing's qualities.

2 the means of so examining; a standard for comparison or trial; circumstances suitable for this (success is not a fair test).

3 a minor examination, esp. in school (spelling test).

4 colloq. a test match.

5 a ground of admission or rejection (is excluded by our test).

6 Chem. a reagent or a procedure employed to reveal the presence of another in a compound.

7 Brit. a movable hearth in a reverberating furnace with a cupel used in separating gold or silver from lead.


1. put to the test; make trial of (a person or thing or quality).

2 try severely; tax a person's powers of endurance etc.

3 Chem. examine by means of a reagent.

4 Brit. refine or assay (metal).

Phrases and idioms:

put to the test cause to undergo a test. Test Act hist.

1. an act in force 1672-1828, requiring all persons before holding office in Britain to take oaths of supremacy and allegiance or an equivalent test.

2 an act of 1871 relaxing conditions for university degrees. test bed equipment for testing aircraft engines before acceptance for general use. test card a still television picture transmitted outside normal programme hours and designed for use in judging the quality and position of the image. test case Law a case setting a precedent for other cases involving the same question of law. test drive a drive taken to determine the qualities of a motor vehicle with a view to its regular use. test-drive v.tr. (past -drove; past part. -driven) drive (a vehicle) for this purpose. test flight a flight during which the performance of an aircraft is tested. test-fly v.tr. (-flies; past -flew; past part. -flown) fly (an aircraft) for this purpose. test match a cricket or Rugby match between teams of certain countries, usu. each of a series in a tour. test meal a meal of specified quantity and composition, eaten to assist tests of gastric secretion. test out put (a theory etc.) to a practical test.

test paper

1. a minor examination paper.

2 Chem. a paper impregnated with a substance changing colour under known conditions. test pilot a pilot who test-flies aircraft. test-tube a thin glass tube closed at one end used for chemical tests etc. test-tube baby colloq. a baby conceived by in vitro fertilization.


testable adj. testability n. testee n.

Etymology: ME f. OF f. L testu(m) earthen pot, collateral form of testa TEST(2) 2. n. the shell of some invertebrates, esp. foraminiferars and tunicates.

Etymology: L testa tile, jug, shell, etc.: cf. TEST(1)

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